Q. So what is lean Artisan European style Sausage anyway?
A. In Europe there are many many different "Sausage" areas. One of the most famous for awesome, lean sausage is the south of Holland and northern Belgium. The recipes we use are third generation and call for NO by products. So you are tasting the lean meat and spices, not fillers and things like MSG to enhance flavor. We do not use preservatives and flavor enhancers, you don't need to if you use high quality products to begin with.


Q. Why is frozen Sausage as good or better than fresh Sausage?
A. We make the sausage and then freeze it immediately thereby "preserving" its state. We use freezing instead of additives we cannot even pronounce. We use only fresh, Natural ingredients. So if you thaw the sausage over a period of a day or 2 in the refrigerator and then grill some up, you are getting the freshest most tasteful product we can provide.


Q: How can we have some shipped to us?
A: Most times of the year we can ship 2 to 3 day priority mail, flat rate this is very economical usually around $15 with the special packaging material which keeps it frozen. The only variable is extreme heat situations and then it must go Next Day Air, this can be "spendy" plan ahead.


Q: What is the best way to handle the Sausage after I receive it?
A: Sausage is perishable. Handle carefully and store properly to preserve freshness. Use right away or freeze. Vacuum-packaged sausage can be frozen as is. Thaw frozen sausage slowly in the refrigerator. Do not thaw at room temperature.

We recommend leaving sausage frozen and in vacuum packages until used to prolong shelf life. After opening a vacuum package, remove the remainder of the package. Rewrap sausage tightly to keep air out. If sausage is moist, wipe dry before repackaging. Proper storage, safe thawing methods, and prompt usage will eliminate most sources of sausage spoilage. If, in spite of proper handling, sausage looks or smells spoiled, use common sense and discard.


Q: How can I tell when the sausage is ready to eat?
A: Buy an economical stem thermometer and reheat to 140 degrees or above.

To Pan-Fry: Fry sausage over medium heat until nicely browned and temperature is above 140 degrees

To BBQ: Just heat to 140 degrees or above and Eat em up


Q: Any secret to serving great sausage?
A: Serve it when it is ready and plump! With all of our sausages, care must be taken not to overcook the sausage, as splitting of the casing may occur. Sausage should be turned only with tongs or a turner, not with a fork, as puncturing the casing will allow flavorful juices to escape. The best sausage cook top is a flat grill, you can keep the sausage longer with less attention and you can use the grill for onions! If you like to entertain, with sausage especially, you owe it to yourself to have an inexpensive domestic flat top grill. Serve good mustards, grilled onions and condiments accordingly. If you want to serve sausage bites after the sausage is cooked. Use a food warmer and keep the product at 140 degrees or higher. If you want to serve it from a warmer, it is preferable to keep it in a nice sauce, BBQ or your favorite sauce.